Friday, March 8, 2013

Rose & Dimitri

Rose and Dimitri have this love/hate relationship going on.
One minute, they hate each other, the next they're making out!

Here's a few pictures of them.

 photo Screenshot-629_zpsd8e8ba3c.jpg
Dimitri and Rose enjoying some plasma juice together.

 photo Screenshot-630_zpsef33c180.jpg
Then arguing about brains? Or not having any brains maybe?

 photo Screenshot-631_zps51f68b2b.jpg
Awe Rose sent Dimitri a picture text of herself!

 photo Screenshot-635_zpsf6c81b23.jpg
Rose blowing Dimitri a kiss. 

 photo Screenshot-636_zps26066fd2.jpg
He seems disgusted... 

 photo Screenshot-637_zps480eaab9.jpg
I think he may have just gagged a little. LOL

 photo Screenshot-638_zpsecc70687.jpg
He totally gagged... haha

 photo Screenshot-640_zps8c1a11ab.jpg
And now they're skinny dipping! 

 photo Screenshot-641_zpsbae2c0fd.jpg
Cuddles in the hot tub!

 photo Screenshot-642_zpse0ff82a4.jpg
Talking about how much they love plasma juice.

 photo Screenshot-643_zpsabdb588e.jpg
Enjoying a game of chess.

 photo Screenshot-651_zps5bb769cd.jpg
Dimitri asked to sketch Rose naked...

 photo Screenshot-652_zpsff6a4784.jpg
The maid came in and decided he was going to watch them... 
well watch Rose anyway.

 photo Screenshot-653_zpse14de765.jpg
His face says he likes the view... but the thought bubble says he's focused on laundry! 

 photo Screenshot-657_zpsb5f30a5c.jpg
Wow, great sketch! That looks nothing like her. 

 photo Screenshot-658_zpsaa8bfee6.jpg
Rose is thinking... "Uhh what is that?!"

 photo Screenshot-660_zps8fb77fe0.jpg
And now they share a "heat of the moment kiss".

 photo Screenshot-661_zpsb0a72762.jpg
They are so into each other! 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Vampires and the City

I am a huge Sims fan. Have been for a really long time now. So I decided to make a new blog just for Sims!
Right now my Sims, Rose Hathaway and Dimitri Belikov are living in Sunset Valley getting ready to go to University! I'll be posting some pictures of their lives.

 photo Screenshot-592_zps26552680.jpg
Rose using her vampire hypnotism on a neighbor.

 photo Screenshot-595_zpscd840fc2.jpg
Rose using her new smart phone to watch a funny video.

 photo Screenshot-596_zps144c40dd.jpg
I'm not sure what happened here, but he was normal looking one minute, 
and then he was all funky colours the next minute.... weird eh?? 

 photo Screenshot-597_zpsc3be7988.jpg
Sexy Dimitri having some plasma juice.

 photo Screenshot-598_zps16b10d45.jpg
Come on, how can you not love him?! 

 photo Screenshot-600_zpsf41af707.jpg
Rose tagging a wall in their house. 

 photo Screenshot-602_zps15138c39.jpg
Yay its a whale!

 photo Screenshot-605_zpsf6a3fe1a.jpg
They sort of like each other, but sort of don't?
They have a strange relationship.

 photo Screenshot-606_zps80e82e9e.jpg
Here is Dimitri trying to hack their slot machine.

 photo Screenshot-607_zpsa660d316.jpg
More of Rose tagging walls.

 photo Screenshot-614_zpsd5bab362.jpg
Dimitri tried to hack their second slot machine and it caught on fire!