Friday, March 8, 2013

Rose & Dimitri

Rose and Dimitri have this love/hate relationship going on.
One minute, they hate each other, the next they're making out!

Here's a few pictures of them.

 photo Screenshot-629_zpsd8e8ba3c.jpg
Dimitri and Rose enjoying some plasma juice together.

 photo Screenshot-630_zpsef33c180.jpg
Then arguing about brains? Or not having any brains maybe?

 photo Screenshot-631_zps51f68b2b.jpg
Awe Rose sent Dimitri a picture text of herself!

 photo Screenshot-635_zpsf6c81b23.jpg
Rose blowing Dimitri a kiss. 

 photo Screenshot-636_zps26066fd2.jpg
He seems disgusted... 

 photo Screenshot-637_zps480eaab9.jpg
I think he may have just gagged a little. LOL

 photo Screenshot-638_zpsecc70687.jpg
He totally gagged... haha

 photo Screenshot-640_zps8c1a11ab.jpg
And now they're skinny dipping! 

 photo Screenshot-641_zpsbae2c0fd.jpg
Cuddles in the hot tub!

 photo Screenshot-642_zpse0ff82a4.jpg
Talking about how much they love plasma juice.

 photo Screenshot-643_zpsabdb588e.jpg
Enjoying a game of chess.

 photo Screenshot-651_zps5bb769cd.jpg
Dimitri asked to sketch Rose naked...

 photo Screenshot-652_zpsff6a4784.jpg
The maid came in and decided he was going to watch them... 
well watch Rose anyway.

 photo Screenshot-653_zpse14de765.jpg
His face says he likes the view... but the thought bubble says he's focused on laundry! 

 photo Screenshot-657_zpsb5f30a5c.jpg
Wow, great sketch! That looks nothing like her. 

 photo Screenshot-658_zpsaa8bfee6.jpg
Rose is thinking... "Uhh what is that?!"

 photo Screenshot-660_zps8fb77fe0.jpg
And now they share a "heat of the moment kiss".

 photo Screenshot-661_zpsb0a72762.jpg
They are so into each other! 

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